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Team Encounter: Fatou Toure, Chief Financial Officer

“Team Encounter” goes behind the work of Bread for the City to introduce you to the staff members whose combined efforts get it all done!  This week, we learn more about Fatou Toure, BFC’s new Chief Financial Officer!

What has it been like starting your job as Chief Financial Officer of Bread for the City after Washington, DC went under a stay-at-home order?

 It is definitely unusual, but the transition is smoothing, and things will settle. In this type of role, you adapt to change and become flexible, ready to change gears and keep the engine running in any type of situation. I am impressed by the Board [of Directors], leadership and staff dedication; it is motivating.

 When did you first realize you had a talent for numbers, and what made you decide to devote your professional career to financial accounting and management? 

 We had a different school system in the area where I grew up, and I majored in science and math in high school. I like to see logic and rationale in things; it has to make sense. You will find me asking questions a lot of times to put the pieces together. As an Accountant and Finance Professional, I enjoy fixing, cleaning books, and providing strategic solutions in financial leadership. I am introvert, and they say introverts like numbers.

What experience or accomplishment (personal or professional) from your past makes you feel the most proud?

 Besides financial leadership, implementing internal controls and sound procedures. I trained and developed my team. I like to learn from people and enjoy when my team feels I have added value to their career.

 Do you have a hobby that no one would ever guess?

 Yes, cooking … although I am doing less these days. My husband would probably tell you Lifetime movies on Tuesdays …

If you could sit and have dinner with anyone (dead or living), who would you choose and why?

Mahatma Ghandi and also Martin Luther King. I love their passion for an equitable society, wisdom, and their approach to peace and passive resistance.

If you had to spend a year alone on a deserted island, what would you want to have with you?

Water, food, comfortable shoes and clothes, a tent and camping items, books and my prayer mat.

Are you an animal person?  If so, what is your favorite animal?

 A bear. Bears are caring and protective, yet strict and sensitive.

If you won a prize to hire anyone to do anything for you, what would you want them to do?

 A personal trainer to plan and discipline my exercise schedule.

Are you afraid of heights?

 In the professional world, no. In the real world, yes … I have vertigo, and I don’t like heights.

What can faithfully make you laugh?

 Any good joke. Laughter is good medicine.

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Marie Hoffman | Reply

What an interesting intro! I’m looking forward to meeting you in person, Fatou! I already like your seriousness AND sense of humor! Until soon, I hope. Marie Hoffman

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