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2018 Stories: “This is the best place they ever made for Washington, DC.”

As we close out 2018, we’re sharing stories that impacted us. From medical and legal to advocacy and housing, this was one of our busiest years yet! To read our annual report in full, click here. And stay tuned to the blog for more stories. 

“Survivor” appropriately describes Regina Campbell. A survivor of child abuse by a mother who was “mean as spit,” it took Campbell a long time before she was able to find her voice. And when she became a mother herself, her daughter was killed by a violent boyfriend. She also watched as her sick husband fell dead in their front yard. Despite it all, today Campbell maintains a positive attitude. “You have to turn lemons into lemonade,” she says.

“Ms. Rebecca [Campbell’s Bread for the City therapist] was a calm for the rage inside. With her, I could bring out what I was scared of in my life.”

“People don’t know how to treat people,” Campbell said, musing about her history in general.

But at Bread for the City, Campbell sees something different, and she doesn’t mind talking about it.

“This is the best place they ever made for Washington, DC. Some characters come in here sometimes, but to me, everybody is still treated the same. I’ve never seen anybody disrespected,” Campbell said.

Campbell has been a Bread for the City client since 2003. Around 2008, she moved away from the area then returned in 2013. Since that time, she has been a regular patient with the medical clinic, using BFC’s primary care, dental, vision care, and behavioral health.

“I would never leave her [Dr. Joan Myles, Campbell’s PCP], or Dr. Myles, the dentist. I love them both,” she shared.“What really struck me was … when Dr. [Joan] Myles came to the door upstairs, and said, ‘Hi, Regina. You’re back.’

And I had been gone almost five years! With that right there, I was sold! She remembered me and acknowledged me,” Campbell smiled.

Campbell has had significant dental work and restoration at BFC. “I wouldn’t have ever let anybody look at me to pull my teeth. I was scared to death, but there’s something about him. Dr. [Steven] Myles has an awesome bedside manner. I felt like I could let him pull my teeth. I’m scared of needles and cutting, but he makes it so I’ve never had an ounce of pain afterward.”

Campbell walks with two canes, so Bread for the City’s comprehensive services in one location make life easier for her.

“Last time, or the time before, I seen Dr. Myles, and she asked, ‘Do you want to get your eyes checked?’ I said, ‘Get my eyes checked?! Yeah!’ I couldn’t believe it. Now, I don’t have to go anywhere else. Y’all have everything in here!”

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