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Bread for the City Stands with the Salvadoran Community

WASHINGTON D.C. – Bread for the City is deeply concerned by the decision of the Trump Administration to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for more than 200,000 Salvadorans who were granted TPS following the devastating 2001 earthquake.

Many of our clients and community are understandably worried. Around 32,000 immigrants from El Salvador live in the DC metro area and currently have TPS. The community relies on this status to reside and work here legally and safely.

The Trump Administration’s apparent agenda is to reduce immigration, even legal immigration, from certain countries.  As the president’s recent comments seem to imply, this means barring people from countries in the developing world with populations that are primarily people of color. This agenda is contrary to our American values and to the anti-racist values of Bread for the City. Most importantly, for those in danger of being deported if TPS is allowed to lapse, this agenda means not only a return to a potentially dangerous country but possible separation from children who are U.S. citizens. It will also potentially hurt the economy by removing hardworking and committed immigrants from our workforce.

This decision shows more evidence of the Administration’s relentless attacks on immigrants of color and their contribution to the United States. Bread for the City stands with our clients who are affected by this decision, and with all of the community members, organizations, and local and national leaders fighting to protect the rights of all people regardless of nation of origin.

We will continue to fight for their right to pursue their dreams here in the United States, and Bread for the City will continue to be a safe space for our immigrant clients.

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