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Corporate Partnership Spotlight: Alston & Bird’s Holiday Helpings Traditions

Alston & Bird LLP is a proud supporter of Bread for the City. Each year, their team comes together to create a fundraising drive for Holiday Helpings in addition to their community volunteer efforts. The purpose of this year’s fundraiser was to help provide $50 gift cards to DC families living with low income who are profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this monetary assistance, clients had the flexibility and choice to purchase a holiday meal, or manage a financial priority, on a timeline and budget that best suits them. Thanks to the Alston & Bird team and their incredible dedication to our community, they helped make this resource possible for over 735 neighbors and families.  

“It’s not only a longstanding tradition but it also brings everyone in the office together. It’s great to celebrate the start of the holiday season together, but it’s something we do to support Bread for the City. It’s something we are proud of, to support our neighbors and the people in the community,” said Bhanu Mathur, Senior Associate at Alston & Bird.

Alston & Bird is a leading national and international firm, practicing in corporate and finance, intellectual property, tax law, and more while remaining committed to a culture of “client service and teamwork as the cornerstones of everything it does.” The lawyers at Alston & Bird practice across a wide range of complex industries—locally, nationally, and globally–and still always make time to give back to organizations like Bread for the City. And have been doing so for over 15 years!

“We don’t want to be a law firm that just goes to our respective offices, work, and go home without a thought of the community where we live. The Bread for the City partnership has allowed us to make meaningful contributions to the community where we work. Alston & Bird wouldn’t be able to do this effectively without the infrastructure of Bread for the City and it gives us a sense that our contribution is being put to the best use and going to those who need the help,” said Honorable Earl Pomeroy, Senior Counsel at Alston & Bird.

In addition to hosting a fundraising drive, typically the staff at Alston & Bird would enjoy a holiday meal together with the BFC team. Some of our greatest memories are of their leaders walking around as turkeys, elves, snowmen, and more fun characters for the cherished event, and engaging their team with updates on our programs and new initiatives. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we weren’t able to gather in person this year, but that didn’t stop us from gathering virtually for the annual celebration of our community, partnership, and the great service of their team.  

“We have a long-term relationship with Bread for the City, mainly because of the mission and the people there. We believe in the mission, the work, and the team and every year it seems to become a closer relationship between the firm and Bread for the City. There’s always something for someone to do to help with the mission and the projects each year,” said Dennis Garris, Partner at Alston & Bird.

Sustainable relationships with Corporate Partners like Alston & Bird greatly contribute to the impact, outreach, and services Bread for the City provides to the community. We are so grateful for the many years of their support, partnership, and spirit of service. Thank you for continuing to assist our neighbors through BFC’s Holiday Helpings program.  

If your company is interested in building a committed and impactful partnership with Bread for the City, and engaging with our programs and services supporting DC residents, check out our Corporate Partnership Program. Let’s do good, together.

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