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Social Work Month

We are Women Empowered!

March is not only National Social Workers’ Month, it’s also National Women’s History Month! As we celebrate both of these events, we’re excited to share about a new project that Bread for the City started just this year. The Social Services Department in Bread for the City’s SE Center started off 2018 with a new program called Women Empowered. This program, which grew out of the three-year WomenStrong DC pilot program, provides education and arts and crafts workshops for the community of women that participated in WSDC. When the 3 year pilot program came to a successful close, many of the women were disheartened that it was ending. To continue engaging them, we created Women Empowered!

We hear and use the word “resilience” so often, and these women embody it. Arts and Crafts, Storytelling, Let’s Talk, Crochet and Knitting, DC Snap Nutrition Education classes, and Drum Meditation are just a few of the workshops. It’s heartwarming to see women who come from different backgrounds and generations together in one room, laughing, talking and working together.

Many of the women expressed that they were not involved in the community before joining the pilot program.  They now consider themselves “family”. Several of them have obtained employment and housing since beginning the program, and others are now enrolled in college, but these aren’t even the most important outcomes. In a data and numbers driven society, what value is placed on a life that’s changed? A spirit that’s mended? The forming of friendships? And the many other magical things that happen when people come together to uplift and help each other!

Women Empowered does all of this and more.

If you would like to know how to become involved in  Women Empowered program, please join us at an orientation on April 11, 2018 at 10am in the SE Center. Call (202) 561-8587 for more information!


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